Friday, November 8, 2013

Splinter-Out Splinter Removal Tool

"How handy is this?!!" will be the first words that run through your mind after using this simple yet very effective little splinter extraction tool.  

So what exactly is Splinter-Out? It is a disposable, sterile packaged tool that you use to dig out splinters.  I know what you're thinking, you already have a needle, right? Well put that needle back in the sewing kit where it belongs - you won't be needing it to dig out those annoying slivers anymore. 
A Splinter-Out is much easier to use than a needle due to its much wider and flat gripping surface.  Its small handle even has ridges for more finger traction.  The pointed tip is just as sharp as a needle (sharper if you have made the mistake of buying cheap needles like I have) yet its wide taper makes it easier to see right where you're sticking yourself.  Normal sewing needles don't typically come in sterile packaging, so plus 1 for the Splinter-Out on the "won't give you Tetanus" scorecard.  Not to mention, needles have a habit of being hard to find once you set them down.

 If tweezers are more you're splinter weapon of choice, you still might want to consider a Splinter-Out because if you have a splinter that is near flush with or under the skin, it might be difficult or impossible to grab.  Digging into flesh with a pair of tweezers can add pain and irritation to an already painful and irritating situation.  Digging into skin with a Splinter-Out can be near painless depending on how deep you have to go and location of the excavation.  The combination of super sharp point and easy-to-hold handle allows you to easily remove the minimum amount of skin necessary to get at that tiny shard of wood or metal.
Bottom line - they are cheap, convenient, take up next to no space, and work so well, why wouldn't every hard working or hard playing person want a Splinter-Out in their first aid kit. 

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