Monday, October 7, 2013

Master Cutlery Cyclone - 2 years and 200,000 views later

I find it quite amusing and perplexing how the cheapest and most spontaneous video I've made to date has also become the most viewed and commented on.  Although a lot of the comments aren't terribly nice :-( .
At any rate, I had a grand 'ol time testing out this menacing marvel of modern manufacturing.  Thanks to the sharp eye of a thoughtful sister-in-law (who performed double duty as my videographer), I was able to get this exquisite example of garage sale gold for the bargain price of $1.
When this wicked-looking blade made first contact with my eager and clammy hands, I felt a bit of a ninja tingle race through my body.  Immediately I thought, "I wonder if these blades will swing out mid-air if I throw this thing?". My next thought, "If they do, will I lose a finger?"
The fear of losing a digit is the reasoning behind the wussy throws exhibited in the first part of the vid.  The weak and Frisbee style pitches that so many YouTubers were gracious enough to make fun of, were simply my attempts to not lose a finger in case of a quick blade deployment. Luckily, I had nothing to worry about as the blades deployed quite predictably once the knife was a flying a few feet away from my release.
Once the blades were out and heading to the target, they reliably stuck in said target with a satisfying thud...a few times anyway.  It quickly became apparent that this example of fantasy cutlery was not up to the task of handling this type of abuse.  Oh well, it was still a helluva lot of fun for the bargain price of a dollar.

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